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I joined the Project team of TNT Express in 2009. Before that period I have worked on the Green Office project from an Interim Management position (Interim Facility Manager TNT Head Office). As the Project Manager of the Move Project team, I was responsible for: Project Management, Procurement & Facility Management.

When officially delivered in March 2009 (Monday 7 march 2009), the TNT Express Green Office was the most sustainable Building of Europe. It still is one of the most sustainable buildings in Europe, with > 1000 GreenCalc points and a Leed Platinum certification.


I have worked as an Interim Sr. Strategic Buyer with Astellas (a Global Pharmaceutical company), regarding all Procurement components (all NPR products and service, as wel as all fit out components) for their new Breeam building (sustainability certification). I took over this position from a close colleague of mine (same Procurement agency) in July 2011. The building was delivered per January 2012.

I am currently still working at Astellas as an Interim Strategic Buyer.